Conveyancing made Simple

Our vision

My Shamba Digital aims to make conveyancing easier by providing a one stop solution for all conveyancing related transactions.

My Shamba Digital is an online platform built to make conveyancing and matters related to land assets easier.

Individual and company registration services to the ardhisasa platform. 

Registration of cautions, charge, leases, certificate of leases and titles, replacement of title, restriction, search, stamp duty and transfer

Subdivision of land, extension of lease, change of user, consent, lease preparation, extension of user and renewal of leases & Estate Administration

Approval of part development plans, plan preparation and certificate compliance.

Subdivision, amalgation, new grant, resurvey, sectional property, extension of lease and change of use.

  •  Valuation of land for stamp duty purposes.
  •  Assestment Of Rent for government leasing.
  •  Valuation for rating
  •  Valuation of fixed and lose assets for all government agencies.

  • Ground rent determination upon subdivision, lease extension and change of user.

Mediation, Arbitration , Litigation

Project Inseption

Schematic Design

Design Development

Construction Documents

Construction and Contract Administration

Project Management

Interior Design



About us

My Shamba Digital is an online platform that assists land proprietors, citizens, and other stakeholders to interact with the ardhisasa online platform, the national land information management system, with the help of qualified and licensed professionals. 

Users can also access relevant land information in our resource center and blog page My Shamba Digital Blog and purchase or rent property under our flagship listings page, My Shamba Property Listings and land My Shamba Soko.

Why Choose Us

We have a dedicated team of professional advocates, surveyors, physical planners and land valuers with vast experience in their respective fields

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