Our Services

  • Registration of individuals and/or companies to the Ardhisasa platform.
  •  Registration of a Transfer.

  • Registration of a Lease.

  • Registration of a Charge

  • Registration of a Discharge.

  • Registration of a Power of Attorney

  • Registration of a Restriction.
     Registration of a Caution.

  • Registration of an Inhibition.

  • Registration of Spousal interest in land.

  • Registration of an Easement.
  • Engrossing a lease.
  •  Engrossing a formal and informal charge.
  •  Application for an official search in respect of any parcel of land.
  •  Application for the payment of rent.
  • Application for the payment of land rates.
  •  Application for the renewal of a lease
  •  Application for the extension of a lease.
  •  Assessment and stamping of instruments with requisite Stamp Duty.
  •  Application for issue of a certificate of title/lease.
  • Application to the Registrar for the issue of a duplicate certificate of title or certificate of
    lease where a certificate of title or certificate of lease is lost or destroyed.
  •  Application for the registration of a surrender of lease.
  •  Application for extension of users.
  •  Application for change of user.
  • Application in absence of consent by co-tenant.
  • Application for consents in any land dealing.
  • Application to be registered as a trustee.
  • Application to the registrar for approval of a document for use where no form has been
  •  Conveyancing related legal consultation services.
  • Application for the registration of community land.
  • Estate administration


  •  Application for sub-division of buildings into units under the Sectional Properties Act, 2020.
  •  Registration of sectional plans.
  •  Land use planning.
  • Application for development permission.
  • Application for the combination and/or subdivision of land.
  • Valuation of land for stamp duty purposes.
  •  Assessment of rent for government leasing.
  • Valuation for rating.
  •  Valuation of fixed and lose assets for all government agencies.
  •  Ground rent determination upon subdivision, lease extension and change of user.
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  •  Survey of general boundaries.
  • Resurvey of general boundaries.
  • Processing of mutation forms.
  • Resolution of boundary disputes.
  • Deed plan preparation and rim amendments.
  • Arbitration in Land Disputes
  • Litigation in Land Disputes
  • Mediation in Land Disputes
  • Project Inseption
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction and Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Interior Design

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