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All registered land is subject to the following overriding interests without their being noted on the register unless the contrary is expressed in the register-

  1. Spousal rights over matrimonial property.
  2. Trusts including customary trusts.
  3. Rights of way, rights of water and profits subsisting at the time of first registration under this Land Registration Act, 2012.
  4. Natural rights of light, air, water and support.
  5. Rights of compulsory acquisition, resumption, entry, search and user conferred by any other written law.
  6. Leases or agreements for leases for a term not exceeding two years, periodic tenancies and indeterminate tenancies.
  7. Charges for unpaid rates and other funds which, without reference to registration under this Act, are expressly declared by any written law to be a charge upon land.
  8. Rights acquired or in process of being acquired by virtue of any written law relating to the limitation of actions or by prescription.
  9. Electric supply lines, telephone and telegraph lines or poles, pipelines, aqueducts, canals, weirs and dams erected, constructed or laid in pursuance or by virtue of any power conferred by any written law.
  10. Any other rights provided under any written law.


Land Registration of Act,