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Article 69 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, provides that the State is to:

  1. Ensure sustainable exploitation, utilisation, management and conservation of the environment and natural resources, and ensure the equitable sharing of the accruing benefits.
  2. Work to achieve and maintain a tree cover of at least ten per cent of the land area of Kenya.
  3. Protect and enhance intellectual property in, and indigenous knowledge of, biodiversity and the genetic resources of the communities.
  4. Encourage public participation in the management, protection and conservation of the environment. 
  5. Protect genetic resources and biological diversity. 
  6. Establish systems of environmental impact assessment, environmental audit and monitoring of the environment.
  7. Eliminate processes and activities that are likely to endanger the environment.
  8. Utilise the environment and natural resources for the benefit of the people of Kenya. 

Every person has a duty to cooperate with State organs and other persons to protect and conserve the environment and ensure ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources.


Constitution of Kenya, 2010